About Us

Yacht Crew Courses was created to provide practical courses for yacht crew so that they can upskill themselves and obtain better jobs. The courses range from entry-level providing all the information you need to know about landing your first job in yachting and up to Purser level culminating in The Ultimate Yacht Purser Course. 

Courses have been designed by ex-yacht crew.

Sandra Jordaan - The Yacht Crew Coach | The Yacht Purser

I embarked on my yachting career in 2006 after graduating from university, knowing that I was never going to be happy working a traditional 9-5. After working as a chief stew for 6 years, I was fortunate enough to land my first Purser role on a 91m yacht where the captain let me create the program onboard. 

My achievements as a Purser include designing a unique program that gets rid of all the countless Excel spreadsheets and increases efficiency and accuracy enormously. I also mentored numerous crew throughout my career and continue to do so. 

I created The Ultimate Yacht Purser Course out of both a love of teaching and imparting my knowledge as well as the need for a course with very practical content and assignments. 

  • 10 years' experience working on board private and charter yachts ranging in size from 35m to 91m

  • Core 100 Strategic Intervention Coach (Robbins-Madanes Training) with Tony Robbins as a teacher

  • Superyacht Management Diploma (MTA, UK)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management, Tourism (UCT, Cape Town)

  • Bachelor of Business Science, Accounting, Law and Economics (UCT, Cape Town)


Need Career Advice? 

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